Australian and International Fine Art Auction
Tuesday 5 March. 2019
Viewing Friday 1 – Monday 4 March

Lot 26
Judy Cassab (1920 - 2015) Australia
Flowering Garden
Oil on board
36 x 53cm (board) 57 x 73cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited University of Tasmania 2008 - 2018; Masterpiece Gallery 1980
Provenance Estate Winifred Knight; Label verso UTAS 2008/003 LOAN , Label verso 'Collection Winifred Knight #12, Catalogue compiled for the Knight family 2008 by Rosanna Cameron
Signed and dated lower right, inscibed title verso
Estimate: $800 - $1,000

Lot 27
Dorothy Stoner (1904-92) Australia
Model, Back View Paris
Pastel on paper
23 x 28cm (sight) 40 x 45cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited University of Tasmania 2008 - 2018
Provenance Estate Winifred Knight; Label verso UTAS 2008/022 LOAN , Label verso 'Collection Winifred Knight #70, Catalogue compiled for the Knight family 2008 by Rosanna Cameron
Signed, dated and title lower left, signed, inscribed artists address, title verso
Estimate: $800 - $1,000

Lot 28
Tony Woods (1940 - 2017) Australia
(Two Cats)
Pastel, paint, ink and pencil on paper
64 x 52cm (sight) 67 x 54cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited University of Tasmania 2008 - 2018
Provenance Estate Winifred Knight; Label verso UTAS 2008/025 LOAN , Label verso 'Collection Winifred Knight #92, Catalogue compiled for the Knight family 2008 by Rosanna Cameron
Signed and dated lower left, inscibed verso '20'
Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000

Lot 29
Jack Carington Smith (1908-72) Australia
Boats in Spain (Malaga)
33 x 47cm (sight) 53 x 65cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Estate Winifred Knight Label verso 'Collection Winifred Knight #8, Catalogue compiled for the Knight family 2008 by Rosanna Cameron
Signed and dated lower left
Estimate: $300 - $500

Catalogue Details

Born Tas, studied East Sydney Tech, won NSW Travelling Scholarship 1936 studied Royal Academy, London, returned to Aust 1939 appointed head of Art 1940 at Launceston Tech, Hobart Tech, Tasmanian School of Art 1963-70. Travelled to Europe numerous times in 1936-38, and again 1964 including Spain.

Lot 30
Charles Henry Theodore Costantini (b France 1803 Aust 1823-25, 1827-57, -1860) British, Australia
Portrait of Mary Tame
Watercolour, pencil and Huon pine frame
20 x 15cm (sight) 32 x 27.5cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Family descent
Signed and dated lower right
Estimate: $5,500 - $6,500

Catalogue Details

One of the most colourful characters and artists of the early years of the Tasmanian colony, Charles Henry Theodore Costantini, thief, forger, surgeon and artist was born in Paris in 1803 and is distinguished by being one of the few convicts transported twice to Australia. Despite these beginnings, Costantini received his certificate of freedom in 1834, after which time he established himself as a painter of portraits and homesteads in Van Diemen’s Land. Much of his life remains shrouded in mystery, and it appears he was more than happy to be an enigma. Costantini died in Hawaii in 1860, age 57.
Costantini’s portraits exhibit delicate proportions and few landscape features. There are very few known examples, and are therefore valuable links to colonial Tasmanian history.
Portrait of Mary Anne Tame an accompanying portrait to her sister Sophia Ann Tame who is presumably Mary Ann Tame’s sister, exhibited 1989 Masterpiece Gallery, Hobart. Both portraits were signed and dated 1854.
It also appears that Mary Ann Tame’s mother was also called Mary Ann Tame. Mary Tame’s marriage certificate, which notes married to William Latham United Church England and Ireland, Franklin 1870.

Lot 31
William Thomas Strutt (1825 - 1915) Australia britain New Zealand
A Bad Omen
Oil on board
52 x 38cm (board) 65 x 51cm (fr)
Condition Excellent, framed with UV Protection glass
Provenance Inscribed verso 'From my grandfather's collection/ Mr Strutt Davies'
Signed lower right, title lower centre
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000

Lot 32
attrib William Thomas Strutt (1825 - 1915) Australia britain New Zealand
(Robert O'Hara Bourke)
Oil on canvas
45 x 36.5 cm (stretcher) 58 x 49cm (fr)
Condition Excellent, relined
Provenance Private collection Sydney
Estimate: $11,000 - $15,000

Lot 33
Roland Wakelin (1887 - 1971) New Zealand Australia
The Student
Oil on board
51 x 74cm (sight) 66 x 93cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Estate, Hobart
Literature TMAG 1996-1998
Signed and dated lower left
Estimate: $10,000 - $12,000

Lot 34
Greg Hind (1952 - 2012) Australia
Oil on linen
46 x 84cm (stretcher) 88 x 106cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Estate Hobart
Signed and dated lower left
Estimate: $400 - $600

Lot 35
Lesley Kingsley (1956- ) Australia
Nocturnal Haven
40 x 60cm (sight) 70 x 91cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited Freeman Gallery, Hobart Cat#13
Provenance Estate, Hobart; Freeman Gallery Hobart
Signed lower right, signed and title verso, FG6407
Estimate: $1,600 - $1,800

Lot 36
Chen Ping (1962 Arr Aust 1994-) Australia
At Knopwoods
Oil on linen
61 x 92cm (stretcher) 80 x 111cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited Salamanca Collection 1983 Chen Ping Life is Beautiful Cat #13
Provenance Estate Hobart, Salamanca Collection
Signed lower right
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000

Lot 37
Terry Gough ( ) Australia
Picking Mushrooms
Mixed media
62 x 47cm (sight) 76 x 60cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed and dated lower right
Estimate: $200 - $300

Lot 38
French School
Breton Landscape
Oil on linen
70 x 92cm (dtretcher) 91 x 112cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Private collection; Christie's London
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

Lot 39
Charles Jeffreys (1782-1826) British Australia
Hobart Town in 1817
Print Ed 41/100
29 x39cm (sight) 45 x 58cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Private collection; Masterpiece Gallery
Inscribed details lower image
Estimate: $800 - $900

Catalogue Details

A Sketcher, author and naval officer, Charles Jeffreys entered the Royal Navy aged 111 and was commissioned Lieutenant in March 1805. He came to New South Wales in January 1814 as a Commander on the Brig ‘Kangaroo’ which was immediately commissioned to transport convicts from Port Jackson to Van Dieman’s Land.
Governor Macquarie labelled him ‘a vain, conceited and ignorant young man’,. While in His Majesty’s Service, Jeffreys indulged in illicit rum smuggling, turning a blind eye to convict stowaways on board and accepting an escaped government debtor as a paying passenger.
He drew a sketch of Hobart Town in 1817, the present work, and wrote a book ‘Geographical and Descriptive Delineations of the Island of Van Dieman’s Land’ published in London 1820 which was later claimed to have been stolen from George Williams Evans.
He arrived back with his wife in May 1820 as a settler and was granted 800 acres at Pittwater near Hobart. He died there on 12 May 1826 and was buried at Sorrell.

Lot 40
Victor Cobb (1876-1945)
Port Phillip Bay, Yarra, Eltham, Ivanhoe, Botanical Gardens Melbourne
Etchings Set of 6
Condition Sound
Provenance Private collection; Estate Andrew McKenzie Collection 2005
Signed, inscribed below plate
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,500

Lot 41
Victor Cobb (1876-1945)
Transvancore' Moonee Ponds
Pen and ink
22 x 28cm (sight) 42 x 48cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited Inscribed artists notes attached verso 'The Historic Estate transvancore, Moonee Ponds. Note June4th 1942. I noticed from bus going to Puckle St that demolition had commenced - the top part of the tower had been taken off. Victor Cobb
Provenance Private collection; Estate Andrew McKenzie Collection 2005
Signed, title and dated 24/1/1942 lower left
Estimate: $400 - $500

Lot 42
Manner John Glover (1767-1849) Britain Australia
Conway Castle
Watercolour and pencil
9.5 x 15.5cm (image) 44 x 50cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Inscribed titled below image
Estimate: $800 - $1,200

Lot 43
Richard Maurovic (1963- ) Australia
Castello Sforzesco, Milan Italy
Oil on linen
61 x 90cm (stretcher) 69 x 99cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Inscribed artists address, title and date verso
Signed lower right
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000

Lot 44
G B Richardson (Working c1854) Australia
Creek and Old Watering Stage Yarra
Sepia wash, ink
18 x 22cm (sight) 44 x 47cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Inscribed verso 'Creek and Old Watering stage, on the Yarra past Collingwood 1854. /Trees, stage, etc have long since disappeared. / Creek itself now being filled in 1903
Signed title and dated verso
Estimate: $300 - $400

Lot 45
(P)Smukrovich ( 1926-1988) Russian
(Summer Gardens St Petersburg)
Oil on board
28 x 38cm (board) 39 x 49cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed and dated verso, initial indistinctive (possibly A, L, V, P)
Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

Lot 46
Haughton Forrest (1826-1925) britain Australia
Plymouth Fishing Boat at Mid Channel Lightship off Guernsey
Oil on board
25.5 x 41cm (board) 36 x 52cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Inscribed verso on stretcher upper left’ Marie Forslain (?) .... / Mr Widdicombe (?).. / 25/- ‘
Confirmed by Forrest Project
Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000

Catalogue Details

This fishing boat appeared to have been portrayed by Forrest for its owner at Plymouth. This painting contains a number of identifying features. The Plymouth licence number PH 194, commencing with the PH for Plymouth is shown near midships just below the gunwhale. The reverse contains words in the characteristic hand-writing of Haughton Forrest, the French name of the vessel, the Marie Forslain (?) .... together with the very English owner's name Mr Widdicombe (?).. It has been estimated from the movements of the artist that this painting could have been completed prior to 1860, which might indicate the reason for the sails of these boats not carrying the PH code for Plymouth. We know that at this time the artist married the widowed. Susan Somerville, who resided with her long-standing Somerville family at West Plymouth. The fee of 25/- in the 1860s would have been a significant item for portraying a fishing boat for its owner.
This is the only painting known where the artist has included a lightship. There were very few lightships in the west of the English Channel, most being used to warn ships of the Sands at the eastern end. Since lightships are non-moving, this painting was depicted mid-Channel between Guernsey and Plymouth.
Catalogue Notes: Geoff Ayling The Forest Project 2019
Haughton Forrest (1826-1925), artist, was born France, and his family forced to flee to Jersey, England, on the commencement of the French revolution in 1830. Haughton was subsequently educated in Jamaica, where his father had extensive sugar plantations, and at a military college at Wiesbaden, Germany. From 1858 Forrest’s life was spent on the Isles of Wight and Man and in southern England where he spent much time yachting and painting marine subjects, some of which were reputedly commissioned by the Prince of Wales (King Edward VII). In 1875 Forrest took up a grant of sixty acres (24 ha) in Parana, southern Brazil, but finding conditions unsuitable returned to London. Next year he migrated with his family to take up a grant of 100 acres (40 ha) in north-eastern Tasmania. Later he moved to Sorell where he obtained municipal appointments as bailiff of crown lands and also superintendent of police. in 1881 he moved to Wellington Hamlets, near Hobart. Forrest spent the rest of his life after 1881 fully devoted to his art, painting many fine marine subjects and landscapes. His output, which spanned some seventy years, and varied from small oils, painted on board, to large canvases. The marine paintings were usually of stormy scenes in which the vessels were meticulously detailed and the foam-crested breakers remarkably green and translucent. By contrast, his landscapes were peaceful, with mystical backgrounds of hazy blue or purple mountains. In 1899 Forrest's views of Mount Wellington and Hobart, in conjunction with the photographs of J.W.Beattie formed the first set of pictorial stamps produced in Australia. Forrest died on 20 January 1925 at Melton Mowbray.

Lot 47
Manner Richard Wilson (1714-82)britain
Oil on board
26.5 x 35.5cm (board) 47 x 56cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Provenance Various newspaper attached frame with date
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500

Catalogue Details

Well known classical painter, including works of the Grand Tour, portraying classical English and Italianate landscapes. Wilson’s works’ often have the device of a solitary figure were an arcadian attitude fishing, dancing, travelling or painting, references the higher arts, education and travel.

Lot 48
John Gould (1804-81) Britain Australia, H.C.Richter
Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Devil
24 x 38cm (sight) 43 x 57cm (fr) each
Condition Excellent
Reproduced from original lithograph 1863 Published by Gerard Willems, Hobart
Estimate: $700 - $900

Lot 49 Cabia
(Sailing Ships Off Coast)
Oil on board
25 x 46cm (board) 39 x 60cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed and dated upper left
Estimate: $250 - $350

Lot 50 #
Joel Elenberg (1948-80) Australia
Gouache, watercolour
Triptych 117 x 77cm (sight) 127 x 87cm (fr) each panel
Condition Excellen
Signed lower right
Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000