Australian and International Fine Art Auction
Monday 27th August, 6pm

Lot 1
Joan Tiller (1920- ) Australia
Go Forth Alone
24.5 x 17cm (sight)
34 x 25cm (fr)
Oil on wood
Condition Excellent
Signed lower right
Private collection SA Helen Holzner
Estimate $200 - $300

Lot 2
Joan Tiller (1920- ) Australia
(Still Life )
35.4 x 30.4cm (stretcher)
Oil on canvas
Condition Excellent
Signed, titled and dated verso
Private collection SA Helen Holzner
Estimate $200 - $300

Lot 3
Edith Holmes (1893- 1973) Australia
(Tree in Landscape) early 1940's
46 x 35.5cm (board)
65 x 55cm (fr)
Oil on board
Condition Excellent
Signed lower left
Similar to Edith Holmes Dorothy Stoner Two Retrospectives cat 33 Summer Landscape Illust p31 from the Dodges Ferry area,
$3,500 - $4,500

Lot 4
David Keeling (1951- ) Australia
Soft Light - Last Light Kelso 2009
Oil on linen
127 x 86.5cm
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated verso
Private collection
Exhibited Four Tasmanian Artists Janet Holmes a Court Gallery, Perth
Estimate $18,000 - $20,000

Lot 5
David Keeling (1951- ) Australia
Calling Home 2002
Oil on linen
51 x 61cm (stretcher)
54 x 64cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated verso
Private collection
David Keeling: Looking Forward Looking Back 2007 by David Hansen, Quintas ; study for 'Two Day Trip - Call Home' 2003 Oil on linen 122 x 152cm illustrated p56
Estimate $3,500 - $4,500

Lot 6
Manner W.C. Piguenit
Pulpit Rock, River Derwent Tasmania c1912
Oil on canvas, original gilt frame
41 x 551cm (stretcher)
52 x 62cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Exhibited Kent Antiques Hobart
Estimate $600 - $800

Lot 7
Australian School (Portrait of a Gentleman)
Pencil and pastel on paper
49 x 39cm (sight)
63 x 53cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Estimate $500 - $800

Lot 8
European School
Portrait Spanish Lady
Oil on board
35cm dia (board)
60cm (fr)
Estimate $350 - $450

Lot 9
David Cox
Harlech Castle Nth Wales
Oil on board
31 x 46cm (board)
42 x 56cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Inscribed title verso and note 'Believed to be relation of H C Allport Family Reference Hobart Library and Museum of fine arts where one of David Cox's paintings is displayed' Label verso 'The Fine Arts Salon 90 George St Edinburgh'
Estimate $400 - $600

Lot 10
William E (Bill) Yaxley (1943- ) Australia
William Buckley
Mixed media
197 x 77 x 77cm
Condition Excellent

Catalogue Details

A soldier in the King’s Own Regiment, In 1799 his regiment went to the Netherlands to fight against Napoleon, where Buckley suffered an injury to his hand. Later, in London, Buckley was convicted of knowingly receiving a bolt of stolen cloth and sentenced to transportation to NSW for 14 years.
Buckley left England in April 1803 aboard HMS Calcutta, one of two ships sent to Port Phillip to form a new settlement under Lieutenant-Colonel David Collins. They arrived in October 1803, and anchored on the south-eastern side of the bay, near modern-day Sorrento.
After hearing that the settlement was about to move to Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania), at 9 pm on 27 December 1803, Buckley and three other convicts ran away into the bush. They split up in the vicinity of present-day Melbourne. Buckley's companions went north-east, hoping to reach Sydney, which they thought was not far away, although it was 1000 km away around the coast. Buckley, tired and dehydrated, continued alone around the bay.
During the weeks following his escape, travelling around Port Phillip Bay as far as the Bellarine Peninsular. In an account collected by George Langhorne in 1835, Buckley told of his first meeting with a small Aboriginal family group, who gave him immense help and shared food, and from whom he began to learn their language, before parting company. In the well known account collected by John Morgan in 1852, Buckley describes travelling much further; as far as Painkalac Creek, Aireys Inlet and Mount Defiance living alone, off the land.
Common to both accounts, however, is his significant first meeting with a group of Wathaurung women, several months after his escape. Buckley had taken a spear used to mark a grave for use as a walking stick. The women befriended him after recognising the spear as belonging to a relative who had recently died and invited him back to their camp. Believed to be the returned spirit of the former tribesman, he was joyfully welcomed and adopted by the group.
For the next thirty-two years, he continued to live among the Wathaurung people on the Bellarine Peninsula being treated with great affection and respect. "By virtue of his age and peaceful ways, Buckley ... became a Ngurungaeta, a person of considerable respect among his people and his voice was influential in deciding matters of war and peace

On 6 July 1835 William Buckley appeared at the camp site of John Batman’s Port Phillip Association. Wearing kangaroo skins and carrying Aboriginal weapons, he walked into the camp. Buckley showed them the letters "W.B." tattooed on his arm. Fearful of being shot, he told them he was a shipwrecked soldier, but a few days later he revealed his identity, to the amazement of everybody present. In September the same year, he was granted a pardon by Lieutenant Governor Arthur, in Van Dieman’s Land.
Descriptions of the adult Buckley vary. According to John Helder Wedge, who met him in 1835, 'with his long, matted hair, he was a most awfully savage-looking fellow, standing 6 feet 5 7⁄8 inches (197.8 cm) in height without shoes, erect in person, and well proportioned'. When Buckley appeared at their camp, James Gumm out of curiosity measured him as 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm) or 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm).

In 1836, Buckley was given the position of interpreter to the natives, and as a guide for Captain Foster Fyans, among others; his knowledge of the Aboriginal language was put to good use.
By late 1837, Buckley left for Van Diemen's Land. He remained there for the next nineteen years, until his death in 1856; taking on a number of jobs, including gatekeeper at the Female Factory, and for a short period as an assistant storekeeper at the Immigrant's Home at Hobart.
He died in 1856 at the age of 76, when he fell out of his gig at Greenpond near Hobart and was buried at Albura Street Cemetery in an unmarked grave.
You've got Buckley's Chance
Buckley's improbable survival is believed by many Australians to be the source of the vernacular phrase "you've got Buckley's or none" (or simply "you've got Buckley's"), which means "no chance", or "it's as good as impossible".

Estimate $7,000 - $8,000

Lot 11
Richard John (Dick) Watkins (1937- ) Australia
Painting with Two Orche Balls 1995
Oil on canvas
183 x 213.5cm
Condition Excellent
Signed, dated and inscribed title verso
Exhibited Laurainne Diggins Melbourne 1995
Estimate $9,000 - $12,000

Lot 12
Mike Parr (1945- ) Australia
Untitled 1993
Etching Ed 67/99
28 x 25cm (plate)
65 x 60cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated lower right below plate
Inscribed edition number lower left below plate
Estimate $900 - $1,200

Lot 13
Noel Counihan (1913-86)
Australia Standing Figure 1983
Etching Ed 6/12
17 x 15cm (plate)
73 x 50cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated lower right below plate
Inscribed title lower left below plate
Estimate $200 - $400

Lot 14
Matthew Armstrong (1973- ) Australia
The Domain II 2010
Oil on canvas
51 x 66cm
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated lower right
Exhibited Colville Gallery, Hobart 2010 Estimate $3,000 - $4,000

Lot 15
Richard Maurovic (1963- ) Australia
Bent Street and Phillip Street, Sydney 2009
Oil on canvas
60 x 60cm
Condition Excellent
Signed lower right
Inscribed title and 'Painting Number 896-1 verso
Estimate $2,000 - $4,000

Lot 16
David Davies (1864-1939) Australia
Washing Day, Normandy, France
Pencil & watercolour
28 x 37cm (sight)
50 x 61cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed lower right
Estimate $4,000 - $5,000

Lot 17
William Ferguson (Australia)
Icon: Earth & Sky 1966
Gold & marble chips
48 x 30cm
Condition Excellent
Signed, title & date verso
Estimate $250 - $350

Lot 18
Norma McAuley ( ) Australia
Still Life with Blue Colander 1988
Oil on canvas
41 x 51cm (stretcher)
57 x 67cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed lower left, Label verso inscribed title & date
Exhibited Art Society of Tasmania 1988
Estimate $650 - $850

Lot 19
Elspeth Vaughan (1926- ) Australia
Breaths of Summer 2006
21 x 21cm (sight)
44 x 42cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated lower right, artists label verso
Estimate $150 - $250

Lot 20
Elspeth Vaughan (1926- ) Australia
Pierre de Ronsard Roses (Pair) 2006
23 x 20cm (sight)
44 x 40cm (fr) Each
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated lower right, artists label verso
Estimate $150 - $250

Lot 21
Kit Hiller (1948- ) Australia
Blue Flax Flower 2002
Handcoloured lino print Ed 1/30
30 x 30cm (print)
57 x 55cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed, title, edition, date below plate
Estimate $400 - $500

Lot 22
Kit Hiller (1948- ) Australia
Blue Flax Flower 2003
Handcoloured lino print Ed 7/30
30 x 30cm (print)
57 x 55cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed, title & date verso
Estimate $400 - $500

Lot 23
Tim Burns (1947- ) Australia
Moon at Sea. Cape Bruny 1991
Mono print, collagraph
27 x 22cm (plate)
65 x 52cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed, titled & dated below plate
Artist living at Cape Bruny Lighthouse at the time.
Exhibited Dick Bett Gallery
Estimate $450 - $550

Lot 24
Dorothy Stoner (1904-92) Australia
(Still Life Jug & Flowers)
Crayon & pencil on paper
9.5 x 11.5cm (sight)
34 x 33cm (fr)
Condition Excellent
Signed lower left, inscribed verso FG1479
Exhibited Freeman Gallery, Hobart
Estimate $350- $450

Lot 25 #
Linda Keough ( ) Australia
Vigil 2012
Oil on linen
90 x 90cm
Condition Excellent
Signed & dated verso
Exhibited Waterhouse Prize 2012

Catalogue Details

Linda Keough. Tasmania artist with awards including 2013 Glover Prize, Hangers Choice Award, 2012 Finalist, Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, 2009 Winner Border Art Prize, Gold Coast City Art Gallery. 2006 Acquisition Prize Stanthorpe Art Gallery

Estimate $5,500 - $6,500